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Marriage ceremonies take place on Saturdays at 12:30 PM or 2:30 PM, or Monday through Friday at any time.  

There are NO Marriage ceremonies on Sundays.  

A date must be reserved AT LEAST six months before the desired date.

The couple must collect all required paperwork and meet with the priest or

deacon at their home parish where an interview will be conducted.  All paperwork must be forwarded here

where it is kept on file.  Written permission from the home Pastor for you to marry at another parish is also required.

Click here for the list of Wedding Readings.

Click here for music selection link.

A valid New York State Marriage License is always necessary.  This may be obtained from the office of any

Town Clerk in New York State.  Marriage licenses are valid from 24 hours after issuance to 60 days

from the date the license is obtained.  

Please call the office for more details and pricing.


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